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Fleet Phospho-Soda/Kidney Failure Update

We are currently representing individuals who have taken Fleet Phospho-Soda and other oral sodium phosphate solutions (“OSPS”).  Fleet Phospho-Soda has been used as a bowel cleanser prior to x-ray examinations, colonoscopies and other surgeries.  

Fleet, the primary manufacturer of Phospho-Soda, manufactured and promoted the product without warning of its dangerous side effects, including kidney damage and renal failure.  Studies have linked Fleet Phospo-Soda and other oral sodium phosphate solutions to acute nephrocalcinosis, a condition that forms calcium phosphate tubules in the kidney and can lead to acute renal failure.  

Fleet Phospho-Soda has been used by thousands of individuals.  We are working to ensure that our clients receive proper treatment and recover damages for injuries they suffered as a result of taking Fleet Phospho-Soda.  

If you or a family member has taken Fleet Phospho-Soda and would like more information concerning your legal rights, please see our companion site, contact us by mail, telephone or submitting a “contact us” form, or by emailing .
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