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Over the past 30 years we have represented clients in a variety of disputes and we have specialized in three broad practice areas:  personal injury, business disputes and class actions.  

Personal Injury.  Personal injuries are bodily injuries that have been caused by the negligence or intentional acts of others.  We have handled a wide variety of personal injury cases but our practice has focused on cases involving construction liability, medical malpractice/birth defects, motor vehicle liability, police misconduct, premises liability, products liability, and wrongful death and survival actions.  

Business Disputes.  Business disputes are governed by many different areas of the law.  Businesses that rely on investors to raise capital are subject to securities laws.  Tort law and organizational acts impose many rights and responsibilities upon the owners and managers of businesses with respect to other owners and managers and third parties dealing with the business.  Businesses are also subject to consumer, employment, competition and a wide array of other laws that can lead to disputes between investors, owners, managers, employees, customers and competitors.  We have handled a wide variety of business disputes but our practice has focused on cases involving contract disputes, employment disputes, fraud, securities litigation, and shareholder and partnership disputes.  

Class Actions.  The class action is a procedural device that allows one person or a small group of persons to prosecute or defend a claim on behalf of others.  We have handled numerous class and collective actions in a wide variety of disputes including both personal injury and business matters.
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