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Police Misconduct

The vast majority of police officers are dedicated to serving and protecting their community. Unfortunately, a small number abuse their position by using excessive force and otherwise breaking the laws they are sworn to uphold. A police officer who uses excessive force can cause death or serious injury.

Many cases, such as high-speed pursuits or other automobile crashes that result in serious injury or death, are often the result of poor training or the failure to follow established police procedures. All too often, innocent third parties suffer the consequences of these tragic events. Obtaining fair compensation for victims and their families requires an in-depth understanding of the state and federal laws that apply to these cases and a detailed knowledge of proper police procedures, protocol and training.

We are known for our experience in handling police misconduct cases involving death and other catastrophic injury. In the past 30 plus years we have obtained millions of dollars in verdicts and judgments against numerous police departments and municipalities. We have established relationships with police misconduct experts from throughout the United States to assist us with these cases.

Because of special laws called immunities, that apply to government employees and municipalities, it is especially important that injured parties act quickly to protect their rights. Ifyou believe that you may have a police misconduct case and would like more information concerning your legal rights, please Contact Us.
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